Visual Analytics of Bug Repositories

Download the Smalltalk Image

1. Download

  • Download the Pharo image using the button at the top of the page. The package containts the in*Bug web server.
  • Download the Pharo Virtual Machine for your operating system from, section "Virtual Machines".

2. Launch

Start the in*Bug server opening the file in*Bug-tooldemo/Pharo.image with the Pharo virtual machine for your operating system. The Pharo image is already configured to listen on localhost at port 8080

3. Open

Visit the page localhost:8080/inbug with your browser. Please note that in*Bug is developed and tested with Mozilla Firefox.

4. Open the "Bug List"

From the menu bar, select the "Bug List" tab.

5. Highlight a bug report

Hover a bug report to inpect its metadata in the details tile.

6. Enter the Details Page of a bug report

Click on the arrow on the details tile to inspect the details page of a bug report